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Monday, February 22, 2010 9:57:00 PM

Girl pals' gathering - CNY 10 @ 20 Feb 10
My friends came over my house and snapped some pics of my gals.
The pretty teen is my friend's niece whom I have known when she was jus a sweet face baby. Time really flies - she is now all grown-up..

Mun looks so siong n shiok right? Is her face whiter?

My pretty Mitao - duno why my friend no send me MM pic


Slave of MeiMei, MiTao and MunMun sign off

9:26:00 PM

Shihtzu pals gathering CNY at 15 Feb 10


Slave of MeiMei, MiTao and MunMun sign off

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 8:59:00 PM

Mun is growing to be quite a handful - despite her getting on in years, she is 54 in human age, she is active and agile and impatient and hot tempered too.

Mun is food motivated and could not wait for her food, she also wants to snatch food that I was feeding to MM - I have resorted to hold her neck when I feed her and also to shove her away when I am feeding MM...funny that she has not tried to snatch from MiTao at all...

When feeding fruits, she shows her impatience and greed in that she would jost for all the pieces and she would vie with MM for every share....and she BITES me together with the morsel of food, she refuses to listen to instruction to sit at all and leap to snatch fruit...haiz has to find a way to let her know that she would not have to worry about makan in future and be patient to wait for her turn...

Mun is more like MM in term of behaviour and the 2 have been barking in perfect harmony whenever they detect movement out of house... and during the CNY, she barked non-stop at visitors to the house and took a while before she quietened down and accepted the visitors.

I am adjusting to the 2 trips a day to the roof top garden for her pee/poo but she is getting noti and take longer time to do her biz up there....so I need to take longer time walking her but she keeps wanting to go home instead and drags me which I find puzzling - she does not wan to do biz at home and when she is down to do her biz, she cannot wait to go home...

Somehow day by day, more of Mun's undesirable behaviour is showing although at the same time, she is also growing to be happier, closer to us and also more settled in = but for good or for the worse, she is here to stay....and no shortcut to obedience classes/behaviour modification classes to change her behaviour as all she need is time n understanding and acceptance...

Mun, we would give you and and ourselves all the time to get adjusted to each other...take your time okie, you are not going anywhere anytime okie...


Slave of MeiMei, MiTao and MunMun sign off

Monday, February 15, 2010 4:20:00 PM

Slave of MeiMei, MiTao and MunMun sign off

4:11:00 PM

Offically new addition to my barn :- a 8 years old Shihtzu gal renamed as MunMun on 1 feb 10.
She is by no mean a cutie pie but she is a endearing imp who is as noti, obstinate, barky n fiesy as MeiMei although she is of MiTao's age...not perfect and there are lots of extra work as well as give and take involved after taking her in .... but commitment is meant to be taken seriously so for good or for worse she would be one of the trio....


Slave of MeiMei, MiTao and MunMun sign off

3:21:00 PM

Mitao is now 6.8kg..this lazy old gal has shed about 1 kg in the past year and
has become lighter and also more bubbly n active.
Slave of MeiMei, MiTao and MunMun sign off

Monday, November 23, 2009 10:55:00 PM

Hurray Hurray MiTao is now 7kg....finally after months after trying to keep her weight down to below 7kg mark, she is now at 7kg exactly.

MiTao is small in stature and in length, and she is most likely a senior dog of around 6-8 years old - hence for her health, it is better to keep her in the lower range of 6kg...

Problem is MiTao is an abused dog and she loves her food n lives to eat too -- to deprive this angelic gal of her primary enjoyment in life is cruel but I have no wish to save her from heartworm then let her die from chronic lifestyle disease/illness...so me have to be cruel

Have not met with much success making her lose weight thot she eats little -- 1/4 barf with her veg puree and supplements in the morning cos my mom is feeding her in my absence...until recently when she saw MiTao grasping for breath n I told her bluntly cos MT is too fat n cannot breathe --- surprisely this shock tactics work and from 2nd week of Nov, she has not sabotage MT's diet

Hence MT is able to shed 0.4kg to 7kg now..yippee

MT jia yu cos you are going to be my pal for many more years to come soo please be healthy for my sake okie....


Slave of MeiMei, MiTao and MunMun sign off

-All Abt Us-


NAME : MeiMei
Breed : Shih Tzu
DOB : 12 Dec 04
Gender: Female


NAME : MiTao
Breed : Shih Tzu
DOB : EST 12 Dec 04
Gender: Female


My 13 guinea pig sows

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*hip dsyplasia under control
*Mommy be with MM everyday
*Daily walk
*no itch
*dun kena cane for chewing
*HCF n no more BARF
*not scare of thunder
*allow to bark freely

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